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Empowering E-commerce: Redefining Logistics in Indonesia

Our logistic partner has emerged as a game-changer in the industry especially in supporting Indonesia's fast growing e-commerce scene. With its comprehensive range of services, logistic companies enable businesses of all sizes by offering full-suite enterprise logistics solutions including supply chain and deliveries.

A large-scale logistics company typically processes a high volume of cash that is often handled manually and  requires time-consuming effort. With these challenges in mind, logistic companies should aim to streamline the reconciliation process for cash transactions. 

Use Case
Mitigating The Risk of Cash Management
Restricted Cash Flow

Many logistics companies offer cash on delivery as a convenient payment method to accommodate customer’s preference. This payment method produces its own set of challenges and is prone to losses, such as refunded items by customers and managing the logistics of shipping. 

Most e-commerce companies partner with a logistics company for collecting cash in the case of COD orders and pay an additional cost for cash handling. The process of collecting cash from the logistics company and reconciling it daily is a tedious task, especially when dealing with a high volume of cash on delivery transactions.


Cash Deposit Machine from OY! simplifies the cash reconciliation process that is particular for the logistics industry. Our Cash Deposit Machine offers automated cash counting and verification features to minimize fraud and human errors. Other benefits include seamless integration between cash and digital payment while it is insured to reduce all cash exposure risk. Cash Deposit Machine is the 360° solution for accepting, processing, and managing cash for easier reconciliation.

Time-Consuming Manual Process

The manual processing hub is prone to data error and inaccuracies as it was susceptible to fraudulent activities. The reliance on manual processes not only increased the chances of human errors but also left room for fraudulent practices that could impact the cash on delivery payment process. In addition to that, cash reconciliation requires an extra layer of manual process where the courier needs to deposit the cash at a logistic hub. Since the reconciliation is not on a real time basis, it will take some time for the balance to be updated once the cash has been deposited.


Cash Management from OY! offers an API connection with the company’s core system through an integrated dashboard. This integration provides real-time balance settlement, allowing the company to monitor cash flow accurately  making it easy for the finance team to conduct financial planning and forecast.

Difficulty in Disbursing Courier Incentive Scheme

Aside from providing convenient payment methods to customers, logistics companies also devised incentive schemes to reward the couriers.The manual reconciliation between cash and digital payments makes it  difficult to disburse the couriers’ incentive. There is a gap in bridging cash and digital payments which makes it challenging to keep track of cash flow in real time.


Our customized solution allows the logistics industry to bring the best product fit together to overcome the challenges in the reconciliation process. Incentives for couriers are easily managed by combining the capabilities of Send Money features and end-to-end Cash Management. The automated process helps in saving time to ensure that incentives are distributed with the right amount swiftly.

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