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We aspire to financially empower businesses and individuals alike by providing a world-class, integrated, and easy-to-use collaborative payment platform.

Our Mission

For a long time, access to financial services has not been easily accessible to everyone but a select few. The current commercial and financial system weren’t built for fast-growing businesses; it’s inefficient and more often than not, a very costly process.
We build OY! Bisnis to provide world-class financial services that are seamless, intuitive, and affordable, for everyone and for businesses of every size.
Our MissionOur Mission
Our StoryOur Story

Our Story

Our journey began in 2017 with the idea of connecting more people in Indonesia. Thus, born our first product, a chat app. Along the way, we realized people not only wanted to be more connected than ever but also wanted to have an easy way of doing transactions.

Inspired to provide solutions that can help solve the financial conundrums where doing transactions costs people their time and money, we developed our payment system in 2018. Since then, we have grown and are supporting hundreds of businesses across the nation. We are proud to partner with everyone, from banks, government, small-scale businesses, and start-ups to super brands.

And not only we are here for you, we are just getting started.
Our Story

Our Future

You are our future. We want to help you simplify the complexity of money movement and financial management processes so you can focus on what matters the most; growing your business. To achieve this, we always strive to create new, better products, enhance existing systems, and deliver the best experience possible for everyone
Our FutureOur Future

Our Team


Jesayas Ferdinandus

Chief Executive Officer

Hilfi Alkaff

Chief Technology Officer

Jan Kristanto

Chief Revenue Officer

Melisa Hendrawati

Chief Financial Officer

Widy Gunawan

Chief Operating Officer

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