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Industry Profile
How Transportation Industry Becomes the Key of Money Movement

In line with the transportation industry's commitment to innovation, the key players in the business are always looking for ways to improve the ride-hailing experience for their customers. With hundreds of thousands of drivers serving millions of riders across Indonesia and beyond, the transportation industry is changing the way people get around.

In today’s competitive ride-hailing market, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the game. To fulfill the needs of their customers, businesses must recruit a high volume of drivers to keep up with the demand. This also involves a mandatory cash deposit to open up new payment accounts for them. 

The transportation company’s driver hub has to process a high volume of cash daily and handling the cash efficiently is a big priority for them. Choosing the right partner to manage these cash transactions is crucial in order to improve the operational process  efficiently.

Use Case
The Challenges of Handling Driver Onboarding Process
Time Consuming Cash Management

Having a high volume of cash transactions in daily operations can be a painful process for the company in taking their business forward.  Due to the fast paced nature of their operations, handling cash transactions require extensive resources to make sure the onboarding process for drivers can run smoothly. Long manual cash counting and fund transfer processes may cause backlogs, and affect their ability to keep up with customer demand.


In this case, the transportation industry day-to-day operations need to seek  for a solution that can help them manage high volumes of cash transactions, so they can sign up drivers more efficiently.OY!’s end-to-end custom solution helps cut down their processing time with a dedicated cashier, integrated disbursement capability, and a cash collection service. With our custom solution, their team is able to automate these transactions, and monitor all incoming and outgoing cash flow on a single dashboard.

Fraud Risk and Lack of Security

Security for cash transactions and handling are key for a high volume business. Despite the fact that cash payments are a convenient payment method for those who do not have an e-wallet, this payment method can also expose the company to risks related to human error and fraud. Previously, each driver hub had to store cash in a vault before it can be picked up to be deposited to a bank. This poses a security risk  in which the business needs a service that can help them reduce this operational concern. 


Safety and security are often a major concern for cash management, which was a key consideration for the transportation industry when choosing their business payment partner.OY! has partnered with a fully licensed cash handling operator and our service comes with guaranteed security. By adopting our cash management solution, businesses can eliminate security risks and dedicate more resources to offer better operational management.

Possibility of Disputed Data

Processing multiple transactions simultaneously has proved to be challenging during the driver onboarding process.  The staff at the transport hub also need to ensure the conversion of the incoming cash amount into  e-wallet balance. This complexity causes a long reconciliation process and might lead to disputed data.


Data precision is a mandatory requirement in the line of transportation industry. By replacing the manual cash reconciliation process with an automated solution, businesses can track all incoming and outgoing transactions with precision in real-time on OY!’s dashboard, which reduces risk of unmatched data and creates greater visibility of money movement at their driver hubs.

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