Simplify Your Business's Payment Process to Suppliers and Merchants with OY! Bulk Disbursement

Atia Tobing
August 24, 2021

Every business, whether it is a micro business or macro business, will certainly establish cooperative relationships with suppliers and merchants. In order for the cooperative relationships to run smoothly, a seamless and smooth payment process must occur between the business owners and their suppliers or merchants. 

Occasionally, there are many obstacles that must be overcome while making large transactions, whether it's an error in the nominal amount, destination account number, or different settlement times for each bank.

To overcome these obstacles, OY! Bisnis provides OY! Bulk Disbursement which allows you to make real-time payments to a group of people with just the click of a button.

Find out how OY! Bulk Disbursement from OY! Bisnis can help you and your business.

Why is Paying Suppliers and Merchants On Time Important?

Paying Suppliers and Merchants On Time Is Important

Generally, business payment practices can determine how strong or weak your relationships are with the suppliers and merchants. You must agree to the payment terms in your business contract with the suppliers and merchants and be committed to making payments on time as a part of building good relationships with them.

By committing to make on time payments to suppliers and merchants, you can get numerous benefits for your business, such as:

Help Maintain Your Business Relationships with Suppliers and Merchants

Paying within the stipulated time period may be the best way to maintain your business relationships with suppliers and merchants. Building trustful relationships with your business partners will also be very beneficial for your business in the long run. In addition, keep in mind that suppliers and merchants need funds in order to help support your business.

Enable You to Get Good Business Deals with Your Business Partners

Establishing relationships with business partners also plays an important role in maintaining your reputation. Paying bills on time shows an image of stability, honesty, and financial resilience. Business partners are usually more willing to give discounts to clients who make timely payments.

Avoid Late Payment Interest Fees

One obvious advantage of paying on time is avoiding additional fees that will be added to the bill amount. The given interest fee can refer to the agreement that has been made between the two partners. Moreover, you can avoid inflated interest costs by making payments on time.

What is OY! Bulk Disbursement?

OY! Bulk Disbursement

OY! Bulk Disbursement is a feature that can simplify the disbursement process in a business payment system. This feature also provides end-to-end solutions in the payment cycle of your business.

By using OY! Bulk Disbursement, the transfer process only requires one file in the form of .CSV or .XLS containing the name of the beneficiary as well as the account number. The file will then be uploaded to the OY! Bulk Disbursement dashboard where you can simply monitor the transactions live until all transactions are successful.

OY! Bulk Disbursement can help your business in conducting various small and large payments to suppliers and merchants swiftly. With its mass transfer system, you can make payments to various accounts with just one transaction.

The Advantages of OY! Bulk Disbursement

The OY! Bulk Disbursement feature from OY! Bisnis has several advantages for your business payment system, which are:

All for One

With this feature, you can simply upload one CSV or Excel file into the OY! Bulk Disbursement dashboard for direct transfers up to hundreds of thousands of accounts. This feature is equipped with the beneficiary's account inquiry capability to ensure that the destination account number is correct. On top of that, you can also check the transaction status through the dashboard automatically.

Easy Reconciliation Process

To facilitate your business reconciliation process, every detail of the transaction reports can be easily accessed in one dashboard. You can set and determine who creates or initiates the transaction (maker) and who approves the transaction (checker).

Affordable and Transparent Transfer Fee

OY! Indonesia offers an affordable and transparent transfer fee rate without any additional fees. For each transaction, OY! Indonesia will only charge IDR 4,000.

Wide-reaching Real Time Transfer

Every transaction will be processed in real time 24/7, thus speeding up the time of money transfer. Your transaction activities can be carried out at any time, which means that you don’t need to worry about making transactions during the holidays. OY! Bisnis has been integrated with more than 100 banks and various digital wallet platforms in Indonesia.

Register Your Business on OY! Bisnis to Experience Seamless Payment Process

OY! Bisnis

It's important to keep the entire payment process in your business simple, smooth and secure. By joining OY! Bisnis, not only can you remove the pressure of carrying out payment transactions for suppliers and merchants, but you can also take time to focus on developing your business instead of worrying about the basic things.

OY! Bisnis can be accessed directly through a web-based dashboard (via PC or laptop) to monitor and manage ongoing payment transactions. You can use this feature to facilitate payment receipts from various payment methods. Learn how OY! Bulk Disbursement works here.

OY! Bulk Disbursement can certainly make it easier for you to make refunds. OY!'s inquiry system will also help you avoid human errors that can potentially hinder the transaction process. 

Register your business on OY! Bisnis now to experience excellent payment solutions!

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