Prevent Money Transfer Risks with OY! API Disbursement

Atia Tobing
November 23, 2021

Owning a business requires you to work more thoroughly and carefully in order to avoid issues, especially financial problems. When you have to send large amounts of funds to numerous vendors, making a mistake is unacceptable because this can potentially affect the continuity of your business.

If your business struggles while making large transactions every day, you should use payment services. With the help of the payment services, money transfer activities will become easier and faster. On top of that, the risk of transaction errors will be minimized.

The only payment service provider that you can trust is OY! Bisnis. OY! Bisnis not only facilitates the acceptance of online payments but also provides large money transfer services. With the disbursement products of OY! Bisnis such as OY! API Disbursement, sending large amounts of money will no longer be a burden to you!

Prevent Money Transfer Risks OY! API Disbursement from OY! Bisnis

OY! Bisnis

OY! Bisnis has a disbursement product called OY! API Disbursement which is intended to simplify the process of mass transfers. With this product, the payment process will run automatically and on a schedule to prevent human error.

The funds that have been sent will also go directly to the recipient because the process occurs in real time 24/7. OY! API Disbursement will make the transaction system easier and more convenient due to the fact that everything is integrated with your business system.

In addition, you can also view and monitor every detail of the transactions that have been made to ease your reconciliation process. All transactions will be listed in one web-based dashboard, which can be accessed whenever you want.

The Advantages of OY! API Disbursement

OY! API Disbursement

There are several advantages of OY! API Disbursement, which are:

Enhance the Efficiency of Your Business

As previously explained, the use of OY! API Disbursement will assist you in setting up scheduled payments automatically. With the Smart Release feature, you can ensure that the payments are scheduled and can be received on the date that you have specified.

Affordable Transfer Fee

Generally, interbank transfers will charge  IDR 6,500 per transaction for the transfer fee. With OY! Bisnis, you will only be charged IDR 2,500 per transaction (if your transaction is below IDR 5 million, you won't be charged at all!). The fees are also transparent and there won't be any additional costs.

Easy Reconciliation Process

Every successful transaction will be shown in one dashboard. You can also easily download the transaction record in CSV or PDF format. This will make it easier for you to conduct reconciliation within your business!

How To: Use OY! API Disbursement

OY! API Disbursement

Using OY! API Disbursement is fairly easy. You only need to upload a simple excel file into the OY! Bisnis dashboard, then the system will work automatically and send funds to the bank account numbers listed on the file. This disbursement product allows you to transfer funds simultaneously to various bank destinations.

As of now, OY! Bisnis has partnered up with more than 100 banks in Indonesia as well as top e-Wallets such as GOPAY, Link Aja, OVO, and DANA. You can transfer money to these banks and e-Wallets with ease! To see a list of banks that have partnered up with OY! Bisnis, click here.

OY! Bisnis products won’t drain your energy and time. Besides that, you can also save operational costs for your business at the same time!

To experience convenience while making transactions, register your business at OY! Bisnis now!

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