OY! Payment Link: An Effective Online Payment Solution

Atia Tobing
January 10, 2022

A business can be considered as a reliable business if its payment system is able to provide convenience, security, and efficiency for customers. The effectiveness and efficiency of the business payment process will certainly lead to significant business developments in the future.

However, in reality, the business payment process may seem complex due to numerous things that must be done in order for the payments to occur smoothly and safely. As a business owner, you must change a complex payment process to a simpler one by taking advantage of existing technological devices or products to improve the performance of your business payment system..

Through OY! Bisnis, OY! Indonesia launched a product called OY! Payment Link that will help you manage your business payment channels easily, efficiently, and effectively. This product can be accessed directly through a web-based dashboard (via PC or laptop) where you can monitor and manage all of your ongoing payment transactions!

Find out more about OY! Payment Link from OY! Bisnis as an effective online payment solution for your business in the following article!

What is OY! Payment Link?

OY! Payment Link

OY! Payment Link is a product launched by a fintech company called OY! Indonesia and is a part of OY! Bisnis. This product is the easiest online payment solution that enables payment link creation to accept payments online from customers conveniently.

This payment link can be customized according to your needs (customizable payment links). Once your payment link is customized, you can immediately give this link to your customer via social media or other messaging platforms so that they can make payments to your business.

If your customer has received your payment link, they will be directed to a payment page that shows the amount to be paid as well as the payment method options that can be used. The payment process will only take a few seconds and your customer isn’t required to confirm their payment manually after the transaction.

Benefits of Using OY! Payment Link

OY! Payment Link has a series of benefits that can improve the payment performance of your business. Here are some benefits of using OY! Payment Link:

Accept Payments from Multiple Sources Easily

One of the main advantages of OY! Payment Link is that you can receive payments from 100+ banks and numerous e-wallet platforms in Indonesia without having to open an account on each of these payment channels. This means that you can receive your business payments efficiently!

Provide Flexible Payment Methods

By using OY! Payment Link, you can provide a variety of payment method options for your customers, allowing them to choose their preferred payment method. There are various payment methods available on this product, from bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards to QRIS for e-wallet payments.

As mentioned before, this product allows your customers to choose payment methods flexibly. Providing various payment options will automatically make your business cash flow greater than just counting on cash payments.

Fast, Easy, and Efficient Settings

If your business utilizes OY! Payment Link, an external device (e.g., POS Terminal) or other applications is not required. You can create customizable payment links according to your business’ needs without implementing any special coding or integration.

Give Convenience for Your Customers

As previously mentioned, OY! Payment Link provides convenience not only for the customers but also the business owner. This is due to the flexibility in creating and customizing payment links based on your needs as well as providing various payment method options that can be chosen according to your customer's preference.

Who Can Utilize OY! Payment Link?

OY! Payment Link

Online Business Owners

Generally, online business owners who do not have an account on an e-Commerce site need a secure solution that allows them to accept online payments and manage the transaction process simultaneously. Every online business owner must consider doing this because it is more convenient if your customers don't have to download and login to a different online payment application whenever they want to make an online payment.

Through OY! Payment Link, online business owners can easily share payment links with their customers to receive payments from various sources. All transactions will also be recorded automatically so that your customers do not need to confirm their payment manually.


Difficulties in collecting payments from clients often occur among freelancers. The use of OY! Payment Link allows freelancers to schedule payments from clients by managing and customizing payment links according to their needs.

For example, you are a freelance translator. You can use this product to charge your clients for your translation services directly with a single payment link!

MSME Business Owners

MSME business owners can also utilize OY! Payment Link. The transition from conventional payment method to digital payment method will certainly improve the performance of MSMEs, given the importance of digitalization.

With OY! Bisnis, MSME business owners can easily implement online payments. OY! Payment Link does not require any integration and can be created as needed. In addition, the reconciliation process and payment status can be checked and monitored easily because all transactions will be recorded on the OY! Bisnis dashboard.

An Effective Online Payment Solution: OY! Payment Link from OY! Bisnis

OY! Payment Link

OY! Bisnis is the best solution to simplify the process of sending funds and/or receiving your business payments. As a payment system that aims to facilitate all types of business payments, OY! Bisnis has a product called OY! Payment Link that will help you manage your business' payment channels effectively.

Simply by sending a payment link to your customer, you can receive payments directly from them. To find out more, you can do a Live Demo OY! Payment Link for free right here.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your business at OY! Bisnis to get various transaction benefits through OY! Bisnis products!

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