OY! Bulk Disbursement: One Stop Solution for Your Payroll Transactions

August 12, 2021

Distributing employees salaries can be quite a challenge for companies. Starting with calculating the exact amount of salary, determining its tax cut, and not to mention managing other cost calculations. It is no surprise that employee payroll process has become one of crucial activities in a company.

The calculation process and settlement time from the bank will certainly drain time and energy. Ever wonder if there is a shortcut to distribute all payments easily without having to go through strenuous process? Well, Bulk Disbursement from OY! Bisnis has arrived as the answer to this problem.

We make it easier for companies to execute monthly payroll. Here are some of the advantages when using the Bulk Disbursement service. Learn how our service can help you.

OY! Bulk Disbursement: One Stop Solution for Your Payroll Transactions

Why Switch to Bulk Disbursement?

Using manual payroll system can be quite inconvenient as every bank has a different settlement process. Moreover, with so many bank account destinations, executing multiple bank transfers might take some time to process all of them. Sometimes, mistake and accidents such as incorrect bank number input can hinder the payroll process.

But that's not the case with Bulk Disbursement. Here, your company payroll process is made simpler. Just by uploading a .CSV or .XLS file containing employees' name and their bank account number into OY! Dashboard, the payroll process for all employees can be carried out only through one platform. It will be very easy for companies to make mass transfers through single transaction.

OY! Bulk Disbursement: One Stop Solution for Your Payroll Transactions

Benefits of Using Bulk Disbursement from OY! Bisnis

Avoid Money Transfer Mishaps

Using manual payroll system may exposes you to some error and mistake during transfer. Bulk Disbursement helps companies avoid transfer errors and shortens the time for company in checking employee data.

Bulk Disbursement is equipped with inquiry feature to ensure the destination account number is correct and matched the identity of the beneficiary. You can also check the transaction status through OY! Dashboard in real time.

Easier Bookkeeping Process

Bookkeeping process will be easier to do as companies can download transaction records in CSV or PDF format through OY! Dashboard directly.

Cheap and Transparent Transfer Rate

OY! Indonesia has cheaper transfer fee rate than any other services! Most interbank transfer fees range from IDR 6,500, but OY! will only charge IDR 4,000 per transaction. The costs are transparent without any additions.

Fast and Real Time Transfer

Every transaction will be processed in real time 24/7. Your transaction activities can be carried out at any time so you no longer need to worry if you have to make transactions on holidays. OY! Bisnis is integrated with 100+ banks and various digital wallet platforms in Indonesia.

OY! Bulk Disbursement: One Stop Solution for Your Payroll Transactions

Grow Your Business Payment Journey with OY! Bisnis

Now you no longer have to worry about making large-scale transactions. The disburse products from OY! Bisnis is the right solution to address all your business financial needs. Without fear of failure, you can make large-scale transactions practically anywhere. With one web-based dashboard, you will get convenience and security in executing large-scale transactions.

Integrate OY! Bisnis with your business now to provide convenience in sending and receiving payments. Start creating an account on the OY! Bisnis portal or contact our Business Development team at business@oyindonesia.com for more info.

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