OY! Application Indonesia Introduces Interbank Transfer Feature

May 3, 2021

Jakarta - As a start-up application that has the advantage of being able to bring together customers and traders in chat applications, OY! Indonesia has again spawned a new feature, namely Bank Transfer Without Fees directly from the chat room. This can make it easier for customers who use this application. This was revealed by Mario Nicolas, VP of Product and Business OY! Indonesia, Thursday (18/10).

"We have designed this feature as easy as possible for OY users! Now interbank transfers can be done very easily and very simply. Payment experience like this has been running in other countries such as Apple Pay and Alipay, where this feature is tightly integrated with features chat. To ensure customer data security and to guarantee that all forms of fraud can be handled professionally, we currently partner with DOKU, which has sophisticated infrastructure and meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standard, "explained Mario.

Mario added, Indonesian people who like to interact socially through social media. OYl also chose to put forward the strategy to use the chat application as the main foundation of the interbank transfer feature. This feature is expected to facilitate the process of money circulation in Indonesian society which has been very dependent on existence ATM machine.

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