Get to Know the Wonders of Disbursement Product from OY! Bisnis

July 21, 2021

Every business wants their financial activity runs smoothly in order to maintain their cashflows. You might want to avoid carrying out large-scale bulk transactions manually as it might exposes you to risks that will jam your business cashflow. You will have to ack quick in solving this challenge.

If you are holding on to the conventional way in handling business transactions, your business flow might be affected. It's time to switch up to the practical and efficient solution where you can handle your business transaction in ease.

Fret not, OY! Bisnis is here as your one-step solution in business payments. Our two signature disburse products, OY! API Disbursement and OY! Bulk Disbursement, are here at your service to help you in carrying out large-scale business transactions. OY! Bisnis can be accessed directly through web-based dashboard (via PC or Laptop) to help you set up and run business payments.

Learn how OY! Bisnis disburse product will help you.

Get to Know the Wonders of Disbursement Product from OY! Bisnis

Introducing OY! Bisnis Disburse Product

OY! API Disbursement

Application Programming Interface or API is a core component in a transaction. With API, information regarding payment transactions can be passed to banking service provider in order to be executed.

OY! API Disbursement allows you to instruct OY! Bisnis to disburse funds in real time to any bank account in Indonesia. To run OY! API Disbursement, API integration between your business system and OY! Bisnis is needed. This disburse product might be the perfect solution for you in making large payments through the advanced API system.

OY! Bulk Disbursement

Unlike OY! API Disbursement, the transaction process through Bulk Disbursement only requires a .CSV or .XLS file containing the name of the beneficiary and their bank account number. The file is then uploaded to OY! Bulk Disbursement dashboard. This service is suitable for those who are not familiar with programming because Bulk Disbursement doesn't require system integration like OY! API Disbursement.

Benefits of Using OY! Bisnis Disburse Product

OY! API Disbursement

OY! API Disbursement can be used to carry out various transactions such as logistics vendor payments, distribution of investment funds to Custodian Banks, distribution of gold investment funds, multi-finance payments, distribution of employees' salaries, as well as e-wallet top ups (refund).

1. Shipper and Transporter Payments

Logistics service providers such as shippers and transporters often experience internal problems where the business payment process can be quite time-consuming. With OY! API Disbursement, payment settlements can be completed within minutes.

2. Distribution of Investment Funds to Custodian Banks

Distributing your investment funds now can be done through OY! API Disbursement. You can disburse from the mutual fund platform that you are using.

3. Distribution of Gold Investment Funds

You can distribute gold investment funds by using the OY! API Disbursement.

4. Multifinance Payment

Multifinance companies as the leasing entities for the procurement of goods (vehicles, electronic equipment, or heavy equipment) and other services serve an important role in business activities. You can pay off multifinance installments using OY! API Disbursement.

5. Salary Distribution

Using manual payroll system to distribute employees' salary might spend a lot of time and is prone to human errors. When an error occurs, the process of paying employees can be hampered. You can take advantage of OY! API Disbursement as your new payroll system. It only takes a simple integration for OY! API Disbursement to carry out the payment automatically.

6. Top Up E-wallet (Refund)

If you need to make a refund for an item that is already sold out, you can make a refund immediately with OY! API Disbursement. The reason why it's called as a top up is because the money can only be returned via e-wallet number.

OY! Bulk Disbursement

OY! Bulk Disbursement makes it easy to carry out payments to suppliers and merchants, distribution of employees' salaries, donations distribution, refunds, and fund distribution for P2P lending platforms and money transfer agents.

1. Payment for Vendors, Suppliers and Merchants

OY! Bulk Disbursement helps businesses in carrying out various small and large payments to vendors, suppliers and merchants. With the bulk transfer system, you can make payments to various parties with just one transaction.

2. Employee Salary Payment

Every month, companies must ensure that all salaries are paid and arrive at the destination account without any transfer errors on time. The inquiry feature from OY! Bulk Disbursement will help companies avoid salary transfer errors and shorten time in checking employees' bank account numbers.

3. Fund Distribution

  • P2P Lending Platforms

Distributing loan funds using conventional methods is certainly not flexible. OY! Bulk Disbursement is able to make mass remittances to various accounts by simply uploading a .CSV or .XLS file on OY! Bulk Disbursement dashboard.

  • Money Transfer Agent

Money transfer agents can use OY! Bulk Disbursement in making money transfers. In addition to fast transaction process, interbank transfer fees can also be reduced because OY! Bisnis has the cheapest interbank transfer fees from the others.

4. Distribution of Donation Fund

Switching to OY! Bulk Disbursement will improve efficiency in managing and distributing of donations. OY! Bulk Disbursement will ensure reconciliation process works seamlessly. With OY! Bulk Disbursement's inquiry feature, extra security is provided through checking and verifying donation recipient's bank account numbers so that the funds are sent to the correct destination.

5. Refund Process

Doing refunds manually will certainly take time, especially if the amount of funds that must be returned is large. Instead of going to the bank, the refund process can now be done from home only with OY! Bulk Disbursement.

Get to Know the Wonders of Disbursement Product from OY! Bisnis

Grow Your Business Payment Journey with OY! Bisnis

Now you no longer have to worry about making large-scale transactions. The disburse products from OY! Bisnis is the right solution to address all your business financial needs. Without fear of failure, you can make large-scale transactions practically anywhere. With one web-based dashboard, you will get convenience and security in executing large-scale transactions.

Integrate OY! Bisnis with your business now to provide convenience in sending and receiving payments. Start creating an account on the OY! Bisnis portal or contact our Business Development team at for more info.

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